Pax ConfMan


Configuration Admin Agent for OSGi.


There are various ways you can install or make use of Pax ConfMan. Visit installation page for details.


`paxconfman-propsloader` will get the directory to load from system property `bundles.configuration.location`.

This defaults to the `CURRENT_DIR/configurations`.

The directory should contain two folders, `services` and `factories`, for service configurations and for factory configurations respectively.

Each folder will contain `.properties`, named as the PID of the service you want to configure.

Source code ( or browse via FishEye )

This project builds with Apache Maven and uses Apache Felix's maven-bundle-plugin, and Peter Krien's bnd tool.

Issue tracker

The issue tracker is to be found at


If the above description did not anwer what you are looking for you may checkout the FAQ page.

Change Log

Check out the following page to find out what is changed in each version of Pax ConfMan.


Patrick Paulin (developer and trainer specializing in modular technologies such as OSGi and the Eclipse Rich Client Platform) has blogged about using Pax Logging and Pax ConfMan in a tutorial like style:

Logging RCP applications with Pax Logging

Adding logging to an RCP application has always been painful. Developers have struggled with the best way to incorporate Log4J and other logging APIs, and in particular with how to make configuration files accessible. Some have chosen to use buddy classloading, others have utilized fragments containing the config files.
I'm happy to say that RCP developers now have another choice - Pax Logging.


Configuring RCP applications with Pax ConfMan

In this post I'm going to describe how to set up the Configuration Admin service in an RCP application using Pax ConfMan.


Pax ConfMan 0.2.2 has been released.
Checkout release notes for details.

Pax ConfMan 0.2.1 has been released. Checkout the change log page for details.

Pax ConfMan 0.2.0 Released

Pax ConfMan consists of implementations of OSGi Configuration Admin agents, and the first release was made today. It consists of a "Properties Loader", which will populate the Configuration object from a properties file. It requires a Configuration Admin service to be present in the system. Feedback will be appreciated. Report any problems to