OPS4J is based on Principles, governed by Rules, operated with Processes to achieve various Goals.

OPS4J is somewhat different than other Open Source projects as we are much more focused on commercial use of the parts, and that we want more people to participate.


  • Common Sense.
  • Participation is Open to everyone by default.
  • Participate, collaborate and succeed together.
  • Consensus preferred, majority vote among participants to resolve.
  • Discussion before design/implementation.
  • Compatibility is of highest priority.
  • Projects can fork, convergence is encouraged.


  • The Principles must be held high.
  • The Executive is final instance of all disputes, and its decision must be respected.
  • Changes to procedures must pass an absolute majority vote.
  • Stakeholders elects the Executive, not less than once every 2 years, not more often than once a year.
  • The Executiveinitiates such election. Nominees are presented, and each is voted upon by the stakeholders according to Majority Vote procedure.
  • Procedure must be followed.
  • Guidelines from the Executive and the Infrastructure must be respected.



The goal of OPS is to free not only the use of OSS but even the establishment, thus exploring ways of creating a self-organizing bazaar in it's true meaning employing an approach we call the FlockOfBirds.


OPS4J wants to provide means for companies to benefit from OSS without the risk/need to be directly involved in the highly volatile participation process.

OPS4J will try to establish a commercial "web of knowledge" that loosely connects individuals and companies that can provide not only services and products based on OPS4J technical platform but also

  • provide help to restructure the customers in-house development according to OSS and OPS4J principles,
  • provide help to feed non-core software investments back into OSS (not only OPS4J) for the benefit of the customer (low maintenace/risk, Stallmans freedoms) and the OSS community (commercial donations),
  • provide professional-grade support on OPS4J in the lists and via IRC etc. (goal is answer time within 30minutes)