Several of the OPS4J participants are trying out their own trials and experiments in the laboratory. Some of these efforts are worth mentioning. Documentation of these are coming along slowly.


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    Pax Script (OPS4J)
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    Bob (OPS4J)
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    Pax Coin (Alin Dreghiciu) — Pax Coin are a set of configuration agents for OSGi that can use configurations from divers sources and formats.
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    Pax Sham (OPS4J) — Pax Sham is a mocking framework for OSGi.


XMPP Console

An OSGi console transport provider using the XMPP protocol.

State Machine

A simple state machine running on OSGi


A build system based on the rule engine Drools and HiveMind.


a partial implementation of the OSGi specification without the module layer, optimized for embedding and testing some concepts of OSGi without committing fully to it. Source is here


OSGi service injection and registration using Guice, now being actively developed at


stack of ideas of an integrated build and development system


simple ajax shell lets you control the fw in a browser

EMF Styling

EMF styling CSS like textual DSL