Pax Jabber Console

The Pax XMPP Console

The XMPP console is an XMPP adapter for the shell of the respective OSGI framework implementation (Felix, KF, Equinox), letting one to use an XMPP transport mechanism to be able to access the console of the underlying OSGi shell. Right now this is only implemented for the Knopflerfish console.

By using XMPP, one can even indicate status using the IJabberService Interface, resulting an a very simple and efficient monitoring system, using standard IM clients as monitoring aggregators, or writing custom monitoring view using Smack or other XMPP client libraries.


The system is configured using the OSGi Managed Service system. In the current implementation, Pax Propsloader is used to configure the  system (, resulting in a like

password=OPS4J.PAX Shell Online
message.offline=Pax Shell Offline


A sample bundle listing using Equinox with the KF console system:

Showing the online status using GTalk and the HTML client interface:

A sample session with the console system: