Pax RadMan

This is a page very much in progress, and Pax RadMan only exists on the drawing board and prototyping stages.


Pax RadMan is a Remote And Distributed Management solution for OSGi. It is comprising of a total concept, but leverages the Eclipse Monitoring project, which in turn uses JMX.

Pax RadMan has graphical user interface, through which one can manage one or many OSGi instances over a network.

Requirements & Features

  • Install/Uninstall/Update Bundle
  • Install/Uninstall/Update Bundle Group
  • Create/Delete/Edit Bundle Group
  • Bundle Group versioning
  • Install JDK/JRE.
  • Install OSGi runtime of choice.
  • Install more than one OSGi platform per host.
  • View/Start/Stop Bundles.
  • View Services per Bundle.
  • View/Edit service properties.
  • Interact with Configuration Admin service.
  • View package resolutions visually.
  • Perform operations on multiple instances with single command.
  • Grouping of hosts and OSGi instances and operations performed on the entire group.
  • Multi-dimensional grouping.
  • Script OSGi client interactions into command(groups) with e.g. Beanshell
  • Schedule executable commands periodically or else (quartz)
  • Select scope of a command(group) from the host view as e.g. an XPath expression in order to execute them upon many hosts

Detailed Requirements

Operation Principles

Rich Client User Interface