Pax Web can be configured using Configuration Admin or via framework/system properties.

While looking for a configuration property, Pax Web will first use the property configured via Configuration Admin. If the property is not set (present), it will look for a framework/system property with the same name. In the end, if the property is still not present it will use a default value (when applicable).

For cases that requires advanced Jetty configuration read Advanced Jetty Configuration page.

Configuration properties

Here are all the configuration properties supported by Pax Web:

Configuration via OSGi Configuration Admin Service

Pax Web can be configured via Configuration Admin Service (if available) and it supports all properties listed above.
The PID used for configuration is "org.ops4j.pax.web".

Configuration via OSGi framework/system properties properties

Pax Web can be configured via osgi environment properties and it supports all properties from above. Note that according to OSGi specs if a framework property is not set then the framework must fallback to using standard Java System properties (set via vm -D option).