Good, sophisticated software is achieved not by accident but by design. Moreover, production of this kind of software is iterative in nature. Think of iterations as small, baby steps that come around full circle and that will enable us to run mature OSS products. A release is composed of release targets (initial iterations). We need not hold back on creating as many iterations as possible in order to achieve release candidates (more iterations). And although, we want to put out something that is working as quickly as possible, the impetus is not to meet artificial deadline dates, but to create a product that is of high quality and practical.



Release Target




Let's start with a very modest scope. The primary objective of this RT (Goal No. 1) is to be able to start and stop the container. The secondary objective is to migrate the prototype code, then set up and test the basic infrastructure of the project. Affected components are (add more if necessary):



As of 8th of May, we added a new goal (Goal No. 2) - launch the Felix framework using the techne shell command interface. Also, be able to execute some Felix commands from techne.

Status reports

Release 1.0 RT 0.1.0 - Report No. 1