Purpose and Scope

The Console component essentially extends the Techne Runtime by providing it with a command line interface. It accepts entered line commands and utilizes the Command Processor to process and execute them. In the future, it will also feature localization capability such that commands can be executed in various languages. The main characteristics of this component are:

  • When Runtime completes the bootstrap process, Console is immediately displayed.
  • At this point, Console can be closed but the container keeps alive.
  • Console can be operated remotely as a separate instance.
  • Console is essentially text based, but it can be built up to provide a browser based interface.
  • It supports both push and pull technologies to display events.
  • It provides user assistance (help system).
  • It provides a console to configure the Container Factory to specify:
    • The OSGi framework implementation to use.
    • The default components to be used with the selected implementation. These components should be installed together with the components of the assembly specified in the FAR such as:
      • The TUI/GUI/Sub-Shell that is attached to the container instance.
      • Event Administrator.
      • JMX Agent.
      • Log service.
      • Others...

Direct dependencies

both dependencies are very loosly coupled and detachable. (dependecy injection)