Purpose and Scope

The Runtime module (also nicknamed as TRE - Techne Runtime Environment) executes the actual boot process to bring up the container. It undertakes the following activities:

  • Reads the file and implement any run parameters (e.g. number of container instances).
  • Binds itself to a network address and starts listening for admin-related (not user-related) requests.
  • Starts up its service registry, naming, or dictionary service. (To be determined)
  • Starts up the ContainerFactory.
  • Binds ContainerFactory to Builder.
  • Discovers other containers and makes itself known to them.
  • Launches the ComponentManager.
  • Prepares to host sub-shells.
  • Detects if it needs to recover from previous abnormal termination.
  • Initializes container instances.
  • Starts up admin services such as event management and exception management.
  • Runs as a background process.

The TRE is differentiated from the console which provides a command line interface (CLI). See Techne.Console for more details.
TRE and Console do talk over a separate translation layer called Techne Command Processor