Purpose and Scope

The Main module provides an entry point to the container system. To start the container from the command line, navigate to its bin directory and execute any of the following scripts.

In Windows:

In Linux/UNIX:

Direct dependencies


This instantiates a Java VM and creates a singleton instance of Techne.Runtime.
After this (let's this bootstrapping) process there are two choices the user made launching the scripts:

  • with text console
  • without text console
    Thus we need our scripts to accept a flag. Default (no flag) is "with text console" because it's the more novice behaviour.

Though we have the following scenarios
(sample for unix based systems, just replace with the windows script shown above)

Launch Techne with text console after bootstrapping (default) 

Launch Techne with explict text console after bootstrapping --console

Launch Techne without text console after bootstrapping --noconsole

The "without" console choice requires attaching a console remotly which in turn requires remote controlling using (we chose) some p2p work done.