Purpose and Scope

The Container Factory by its name implies that it creates running instances of the Techne container. Selection of a valid profile triggers the ContainerFactory to begin this process. When no profile exists, it defaults to the Techne properties file settings. This component provides the following features:

  • Binds itself to the Builder service.
  • Monitors FAR events using its listener, i.e. events that have originated from the container instance.
  • Intercepts requests for services provided by the parent container. In this scenario, the Container Factory acts as a proxy or provides a proxy service to the container instance.
  • Propagates events from the parent container to the container instance.
  • "Offers up" its classloader to assemble FAR components and binds components into an "executable" shell. This is a type of "linker" service for componentization.
  • May trigger Builder to reassemble a FAR.
  • Provides a callback method create() which is utilized by Builder.
  • Wires FAR to a container instance if this has been pre-set.
  • Container Factory is configurable.