Purpose and Scope

The Builder component is responsible for the composition of a FAR (functional archive - see Techne.FAR) to run in a container instance. It works in concert with a resource manager in order to pull in the necessary resources and creates an assembly. It is also intended to work with a policy manager to implement directives (change requests) dynamically in response to a change in environmental conditions. Some of the characteristics of this component are as follows:

  • Assembles applications at runtime by inferring from a list of valid profiles and/or policies to trigger the assembly process in response to certain events.
  • Produces the functional archive or FAR which is basically an instruction set for an assembly.
  • It executes FAR directives and uses the ContainerFactory to bind components into a container instance.
  • Enables a FAR to become a self-hosting assembly. In effect, the FAR can look for a compatible typed container and loads itself to that container's instance.
  • It can be triggered by the Container Factory to disassemble and reassemble a running FAR.
  • It is a scheduled process that allocates a FAR Inspector to build an object graph of an assembly and validates it.