Pax Coin - Installation Instructions

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Pax Coin consists of a set of bundles that you must deploy on an OSGi framework implementation. The modularization in the bundles below allows a user of Pax Coin to mix and match only the features that are needed.

TODO list of bundles, purpose and dependencies

Maybe In order to ease the deployment process Pax Coin comes also in the form of composite bundles, which are bundles that are created by combining bundles from above.

TODO List of composite bundles and content


Pax Coin is built using Maven 2 and all released artifacts can be found in OPS4J maven repository. In order to install the bundles you need you will have to:

  1. Use your browse to navigate to OPS4J maven repository
  2. Download the necessary bundles based on your use case
  3. Install and start the downloaded bundles in your preferred OSGi framework

Pax Runner

Pax Runner can help you on provisioning Pax Coin bundles so you will be up in running in matter of minutes without any prerequisite artifacts installed on system (no maven nor OSGi framework), beside Pax Runner itself. There are various ways to make use of Pax Runner bellow you will find two simple options. Both options start from the presumption that you already have Pax Runner installed.

Use a provisioning file

You can use the Pax Runner File Scanner to list the bundles to be installed:

  1. Download the provisioning file on an arbitrary location of your choice and name the downloaded file pax-coin.bundles
    TODO attach provision file
  2. In a terminal window, "cd" to the directory where you have the downloaded file and type the following:
    pax-run pax-coin.bundles
    Note that you do not have to run Pax Runner from the directory you have downloaded the file. If you want to do so you will have to provide the full path to the download file.
Use a profile

TODO Pax Runner does not support yet this profile

  1. In a terminal window type the following:
    pax-run --profiles=pax-coin
    Note that on Windows you have to surround the parameters to pax-run with quotes(") as in pax-run "--profiles=pax-coin" due to a known Windows bug.