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The logging support in the standard Log Service of the OSGi specification is minimalistic and not entirely suitable for enterprise applications. This project tries to address this by extending the standard interface with additional interfaces and using a strong logging backend, the Apache Log4J. Pax Logging defines its own API, but more importantly it supports the Log4J and Jakarta Commons Logging APIs as well, making it easy to create bundles that use these common APIs, either directly in new code or indirectly from inside 3rd party libraries.


  • Log4J driving the backend implementation.
  • Log4J API supported.
  • Jakarta Commons Logging API supported.
  • Pax Logging Service implements the standard OSGi Log Service API.
  • JDK Logging API support.
  • Avalon Logger API support.
  • SLF4J API support.
  • Knopflerfish Log service support.
  • Tomcat Juli API support.

Latest News

The Pax Logging team is happy to announce the release of OPS4J Pax Logging 1.8.5.

This is a maintenance release with a number of improvements and bugfixes, especially around log4jv2 support.

For more details, see the JIRA release notes below.

As usual, all artifacts are available from Maven Central

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Pax Logging version 1.7.3 was released July 18 2014. This release is a bug fix release and minor improvements. See details.

Pax Logging version 1.7.2 was released January 28 2014. This release is a bug fix release. See details.