Pax Logging - 1.7.3

This is mainly a bug fix release of Pax Logging. See the release notes below for details.

As usual, use Maven Central (via Maven or Ivy/Gradle/SBT) to download the artifacts automatically.
Or have a look at this m2 repository location.

Release Notes - Pax Logging - Version 1.7.3

  • [PAXLOGGING-173] - getEffectiveLevel() is missing from log4j API
  • [PAXLOGGING-175] - The source jar only contains log4j classes, no pax logging classes included
  • [PAXLOGGING-176] - Slf4jLoggerFactory should not put the new create logger into m_loggers if the logger is set already
  • [PAXLOGGING-179] - Pax-Logging services are hidden by equinox own services
Dependency Upgrade
New Feature