Pax Logging 1.11.0 Released

The Pax Logging team is happy to announce the release of OPS4J Pax Logging 1.11.0.

This is a major new release with many improvements and refinements. Specially for the purpose of 1.11.0, new documentation was prepared and is available at and describes installation methods, internals, configuration details, etc.

The highlights of this release are:

  • Big refactoring of internal code, so all 3 backends use as least duplicate code as possible. There are lot of comments added explaining the rationale behind this refactoring.

  • Import and Export packages were reviewed and improved

  • More than 100 integration tests were added (comparing to 1 (one) available in 1.10.x)

  • Default/fallback logger was improved to provide reliable logging service in early stages of OSGi runtime

  • All shaded classes were reviewed and removed from source code of Pax Logging project if there were no changes against original versions. And the classes that were changed were changed again, but with better git diffability - so it’s now easier to port new changes to shaded classes

  • JBoss Logging is fully supported

  • Logging markers are supported

  • LocationInfo support is reliable - all logging APIs/facades may be used with location aware patterns (like %C, %L, %F)

  • MDC support for all supported frameworks

  • Lazy JDBC appender for Log4J2 which may use OSGi-registered javax.sql.DataSource

Karaf 4.2.7 will use new Pax Logging 1.11.0 as recorded in (all integration tests pass).

For more details, see the JIRA release notes.

As usual, all artifacts are available from Maven Central.

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