Pax Coin - Provider - Service Registry

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Pax Coin Service Registry Configuration Provider uses the OSGi Service Registry as a source of configurations via a whiteboard pattern. This means your bundle can become a source of configuration at a cost of just adding the necessary properties to a registered service.
To see how you can use this provider take a look at the example use case.

Service properties

In order for a service to be considered as a configuration if must have a configurable property named with a value equal with targeted ManagedService pid. If you are targeting a ManagedServiceFactory, the published service should also have a property named with a value equal with the targeted ManagedServiceFactory factory pid.
There are additional optional properties that are used to determine the selection of active configuration by [selectors]:

  • config.timestamp — Integer; see [selectors] for details
  • config.version — Integer; see [selectors] for details

Service type

Depending on the object type of your service, this provider makes the following assumptions (in this order):

  • java.util.Map implementations — will be loaded by [Map Adapter]
  • — will be loaded by [Apache Commons Configuration Adapter]
  • any other Object — will be loaded by [Java Bean Adapter]