Pax Construct

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Pax Construct provides a Swiss Army ® knife for OSGi that helps you rapidly create, build, manage and deploy many types of OSGi bundles. The core functionality is provided by a flexible Maven2 plugin that enhances and streamlines the Maven build process for OSGi, along with intelligent archetypes that adapt according to your needs.
Unix and Windows scripts are available to further reduce the need to remember (and type) long command strings. These scripts come with basic help text and can bootstrap themselves from an empty system.

You can use Pax Construct to create a simple first bundle in less than a minute, all the way up to managing a Spring Dynamic Modules for OSGi TM system.

Latest News

The Pax URL team is happy to announce the release of OPS4J Pax CONSTRUCT 1.6.0.

This is a maintenance release with a number of improvements and a feature.

For more details, see the JIRA release notes below.

As usual, all artifacts are available from Maven Central

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In the process of moving all sources from ops4j svn to Github pax-construct had also been moved by now and is available now via

git clone git://

The detailed description of the new Github infrastructure and how to use them in the open contribution model of OPS4J can be found here

Tim O'Brien blogs about Maven and Pax Tools:

This post is a quick start guide to using the Maven PAX plugin to create OSGi project and start an OSGi runtime environment (Apache Felix).