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Pax Runner Plugin for Eclipse adds Eclipse launch configurations for all platforms / versions supported by Pax Runner.
By using this plugin you will be able to install and start your bundles into any version of Felix, Equinox, Knopflerfish or Concierge beside the built in Equinox. (even more you will be able to start more versions of Equinox). And you will do all of this without learning anything new beside what you already know as it transparently integrates into the OSGi Framework Launcher using the OSGi Frameworks extension (org.eclipse.pde.ui.osgiFrameworks).

To use the Eclipse Plugin you will have first to install it. Then you just reuse your knowledge regarding running/starting an OSGi framework in Eclipse PDE. What you get in plus are "just" more options on what framework to run in OSGi Framework Launcher framework comb-box. Just select the OSGi framework you want to start and you are good to go.
If you are not accustomed with Eclipse OSGi launchers, use one of the folowing resources to learn about using Eclipse OSGi Launcher:

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