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How to configure pax logging (for Eclipse PDE users)

Working solution discovered in experiments.
Any comments will be appreciated.

Get Pax Logging

Get pax-logging-api and pax-logging-service bundles and put in your target platform.

Use Configuration Admin for setting up logging

Install Configuration Admin implementation

  • or from Knopflerfish
    • put - cm_all-2.0.0.jar in your target platform dir

Install and configure propsloader

  • Get propsloader bundle and put in your target platform.
  • check (or set) your working dir for OSGi Framework Run configuration
  • In that directory create subdir configurations and nested factories and services
  • In services dir create file with setting in Log4j properties format, for example:
    log4j.rootLogger=DEBUG, A1
    #default layout:
    #log4j.appender.A1.layout.ConversionPattern=%-4r [%t] %-5p %c %x - %m%n
    log4j.appender.A1.layout.ConversionPattern=%d{HH:mm:ss,SSS} %-5p [%-30.30t] %-40.40c %x - %m%n
  • set lowest (for example 1) start level for bundle:
    and one higher (for example 2) start level for bundles:
    to make sure that logging is correct set up, before other bundles will log.
  • if you want to change logging settings at runtime, simply change your file and from osgi console update org.ops4j.pax.confman.propsloader bundle.
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