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This article summarizes the all major changes between Pax Exam 3.x and Pax Exam 4.0.0.


The test containers for JBoss AS 7.x, GlassFish 3.x, Resin 4.x and TomEE supporting Java EE 6 have been dropped from Pax Exam 4. It is planned to reintroduce some of these test containers if and when a newer release of the corresponding server supports Java EE 7.

The remaining Java EE test containers are:

  • pax-exam-glassfish-embedded
  • pax-exam-wildfly80 (also tested with WildFly 8.1.0)

OSGi Test Containers

OSGi 4.3 or higher

Pax Exam 4.x is compiled on the org.osgi.core:4.3.1 dependency and should work with any OSGI 4.3 or 5.0 higher implementation.

Deprecated usage of OSGi 4.2 APIs (e.g. StartLevel) has been replaced by OSGi 4.3 equivalents.The Pax Runner Test Container was deprecated in Pax Exam 2.4.0 and has now been removed from the code base. The Native Test Container is the preferred OSGi test container. Tests that require a separate Java VM for maximum isolation (e.g. due to classloader issues) can be run in the Forked Test Container.

Test Drivers

Deprecated Annotations Removed


At runtime, Pax Exam 4.x requires Java 7 or higher. Java 6 is no longer sufficient.

Dropped Modules

The following modules have been dropped from Pax Exam 4, due to not being compatible with Java EE 7 or due to lack of known uses and support:

  • pax-exam-container-glassfish
  • pax-exam-container-jboss
  • pax-exam-container-jboss72
  • pax-exam-container-resin
  • pax-exam-container-candi
  • pax-exam-container-tomee
  • pax-exam-invoker-servlet
  • pax-exam-testforge
  • pax-exam-player