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Niclas Hedhman


since 1964

Professional Programmer

since 1984

Java Developer

since 1996


since 2002

Father of a son

since 2004

Niclas is one of the founders of the OPS4J project. He has also founded and worked heavily on the Digital Product Meta Library and in various projects at the Apache Software Foundation, where he is a full Member since 2007.

Born in 1964 in Sweden, he has no formal education, and went straight from senior high school to become a software developer at Exomatic AB, mostly responsible for the embedded real-time operating system, the EXOL programming language byte code compiler and interpreter. His career has since mainly been as a subcontractor or freelance programmer with process control and industrial automation applications, including HVAC control (hundreds!), district heating control (many), nuclear power plants supervision, composite steel production, steel pressure roller control and many other smaller projects.

Niclas started programming Java in 1996, and quickly got involved in Java RMI, and was in 2000 invited by Sun Microsystems to be part of the Expert Group of JSR-78, Custom Remote References.

His work as Chief Architect at eWarna Sdn Bhd (2000-2003) with Online Color Communication and Color Management solutions in the textile industry led to a APICTA (M) "Best Software" and "Best of the Best, Prime Minister's Award" in 2002.

In 2006, he joined the Expert Group of JSR-291, Dynamic Component Support for Java™ SE, which is to formalize the OSGi framework, module, lifecycle and service layers into a Java industry standard.

The heavy use of OSGi here at OPS4J as well in a professional capacity at ScanCoin, led to Niclas' inclusion as a initial committer for the Eclipse RSP-UI proposal.

Niclas lives, works and enjoys life in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He says the relaxed attitude, stress-free environment and low cost of living makes Kuala Lumpur a perfect environment for software development. The high-tech widget/gadget crazy people, makes the region the fore-runner of many new technologies, adding icing to the cake of living and working in this vibrant city.

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