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Pax Runner profiles are basically predefined sets of bundles to be provisioned. This is a simple yet powerful way to specify sets of bundles that fulfill your need as for example a web, config and spring to provision the necessary bundles for Http Service, Configuration Admin and Spring. To do so, you will need to use the --profiles option.

pax-run --profilesRepositories= --profiles=<profiles list>

where profiles list is a comma (,) separated list of profiles names as explained below. Profiles are looked up from a repository which can be specified with the --profilesRepository option.


pax-run --profiles=log

will automatically provision bundles that implement the Logging Service specs, in this case Pax Logging.

pax-run --profiles=config,prefs

will automatically provision bundles that implement the Configuration Admin and Preferences specs, in this case implementations available from Apache Felix.

Profiles names

(warning) This way of working is only valid starting with release 0.18.0 of Pax Runner. The simple form (first bellow) is also valid in versions before.

The most simple form of a profile name is just a simple name as in:

pax-run --profiles=log

where the latest version of log profile will be used. If you would require a specific version of the profile you can specify the version by appending a slash "/" and the required version:

pax-run --profiles=log/1.2.0

where the version 1.2.0 of log profile will be used.

Available profiles

We keep a list of profiles references but this list is not comprehensive and there can be more available profiles from third party sources as well as you could define your own ones.

Want to know more?

If you want to get in details about Pax Runner profiles or learn how to contribute to the current list of profiles you can read about in the developer guide.

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