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In-Container Testing for OSGi

This space documents Pax Exam 2.x. It will no longer be updated.

There is a separate space for the current release line Pax Exam 3.x.

OSGi Testing with Pax Exam 2.x

  • Pax Exam lets you take control of the OSGi framework, the test framework (e.g. JUnit) and your system under test at the same time.
  • Pax Exam has a test driver and a test container. The driver launches the OSGi framework and the system under test. It builds on-the-fly bundles from your test cases and injects them into the container. The driver is a plain old Java application and does not itself require an OSGi framework.
  • The test container comes in multiple flavours: With the Pax Runner Container, the system under test runs in a separate Java virtual machine under remote control from the test driver. The Native Container launches an embedded OSGi framework in the test driver VM.
  • Test containers support different strategies for restarting or reusing the running OSGi framework for each test.
  • With Pax Exam's JUnit4TestRunner, you simply need to add some special annotations and a configuration method to a JUnit class to run your OSGi tests. Thanks to this runner, any JUnit integration (e.g. in Eclipse or Maven Surefire) works with Pax Exam out of the box.
  • Pax Exam itself is distributed as Maven artifacts and lets you provision Maven bundles to your OSGi framework directly from local or remote Maven repositories.
  • Pax Exam supports all major OSGi frameworks (Equinox, Felix, Knopflerfish) and lets you configure the combinations of framework vendors and versions for running your tests.
  • Pax Exam 2.x is the stable release line. The current release is Pax Exam 2.6.0.
  • Read more: Getting Started with OSGi Tests

Latest News

The Pax Exam team is happy to announce the release of OPS4J Pax Exam 4.11.0.

This release fixes the following issues, and also upgrades to Pax Swissbox 1.8.3:

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

As usual, all artifacts are available from Maven Central.

Pax Exam 3.6.0 Released

The Pax Exam team is happy to announce the release of OPS4J Pax Exam 3.6.0.

This is a maintenance release backporting a number of bugfixes from the 4.x release line.

As usual, Pax Exam artifacts are available from Maven Central.

Changes since 3.5.0

T Key Summary

The Pax Exam team is happy to announce the first release candidate of OPS4J Pax Exam 3.

In addition to a number of dependency upgrades, bugfixes and usability improvements, there are two new Java EE test containers:

For more details on all changes, see the JIRA release notes below.

As usual, Pax Exam artifacts are available from Maven Central.

There are now two separate Wiki spaces for Pax Exam 2.x and Pax Exam 3.x.

Please test this release candidate and give us your feedback, either on the mailing list ( or via the issue tracker.

The 3.0.0 final release is planned for January 2013.

Changes since 3.0.0.M4

T Key Summary