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The Embedded GlassFish container adapts the glassfish-embedded-all artifact to the Pax Exam test container API. Embedded GlassFish does not support any of the OSGi features of a stand-alone GlassFish server.

For testing OSGi-enabled applications on GlassFish with Pax Exam, use the Hybrid GlassFish Container. If you do not need OSGi, you can stick with this Embedded GlassFish Container which is a good deal faster.

This is the standard lifecycle of the Embedded GlassFish container:

  1. If the directory configured in pax.exam.glassfish.config.dir (defaulting to src/test/resources/glassfish-config) contains a domain.xml file, then this file is used to configure the Embedded GlassFish server.
  2. The embedded server is started.
  3. A WAR probe is built and deployed. This probe contains all test classes and their dependencies.
  4. All tests contained in the probe are executed within the container.
  5. All Java EE modules (including the WAR probe) are undeployed.
  6. The embedded server is stopped.

If you require any additional libraries for the server or domain class loader (e.g. JDBC drivers), simply add them to the classpath of your project.

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