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The Pax CDI team is happy to announce the release of OPS4J Pax CDI 0.9.0.

This release introduces new CDI scopes @BundleScoped and @PrototypeScoped for OSGi service provider beans, indicating the scope of the corresponding service in the OSGi registry. The default scope for these beans is @SingletonScoped (previously named @ServiceScoped).

@PrototypeScoped can only be used on OSGi 6.0 or higher. A runtime exception will be thrown on older frameworks. The minimum version required at runtime remains OSGi 4.3.

Service dependency handling has been improved to avoid blocking on intra-bundle dependencies.

In addition, there are many dependency upgrades and some more bug fixes.

For more details on all changes, see the JIRA release notes below.

Pax CDI artifacts are available from Maven Central.

Changes since 0.8.0

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