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OpenColor is an open source project for color acquisition, processing and production for the textile industry, written for the Java platform.

Here you will be able to find Java code to communicate with spectrophotometers, manipulate colors in different color spaces, comparing colors under different lights according to textile industry standards, and even for producing the chemical recipes for color reproduction.


spectro - Spectrophotometer drivers.

colormetric - Colormetric algorithms.

recipe - Chemical recipe for color reproduction.


If you want to participate in the OpenColor project, please subscribe to the mailing list.


Access to Spectrophotometers

The biggest problem with developing the /drivers/ for the spectrophotometers is to have access to the actual instrument to test, locate bugs and evolve the software for. A related problem is to get hold of the documentation from the manufacturers on how the communication protocols work. If have access to either an instrument or have documentation of the protocols that you are allowed to share, please contact to find out how you can help.

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