Name Start date Release date Description
Unreleased 2.3 - Lift Off Addition of killer features.
Unreleased 2.2 - Lowering the Bar Documentation, Tips, FAQ, Tutorials and Samples Focus
Unreleased 2.1 - Simply Productive! Add features not made it to the 2.0 release.
Unreleased Unknown For issues we don't know 'when'
Released 2.0 - Reductionism Major incompatibility break of Qi4j.
Released 1.4 Documentation & Test focus
Released 1.3 Many small improvements.
Released 1.2 Better OSGi support, Change CGLib to ASM
Released 1.1 Post-1.0 features and changes.
Released 1.0 Freeze of Core API+SPI. See QI-133.
Released 0.7 Query Cleanup.
Released 0.6 Goal of Full Test Coverage in Core. Break-up of project.
Released 0.5 Stabilization of Core
Released 0.4 CleanUp after the 0.3 changes
Released 0.3 Major model rewrite.
Released 0.2 Full Unit Test & Javadoc on Core API
Released 0.1 Freeze of Core API