pax-runner and bundles in-place


can I configure pax-runner so it runs bundles in place?

what I want is when I do mvn package, it generates the .jars, and the generated jars can be used to do in osgi console like 'update 8' which will update the bundle from target/ not from runner/bundles.

An added feature is also good, which auto-updates bundles that change ... but perhaps this is job for Krien's FileInstall.

but I want to stop using fileinstall for everything if pax-runner can simply do the job. esp in first case it can be done using plain equinox

This will only work for bundles that use file: or mvn: obviously i.e. not from http... (and if using mvn:, only for those on the local repositori(es)).

For POM, it might be good if scanner-pom can use target/...jar rather than using mvn: (which will need the jars from local repo)

Alin's response:

We had this discussion before on the list a couple of weeks ago and
unfortunately the answer is no. At least for the moment.
But raise a jira issue and I will check out what I can do about.




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