Documentation of Scanner Directory is not aligned with actual behavior


The current documentation is not aligned with the actual released version of the confman artifact.
In fact, the documentation at
"[...] Scans directories for properties files. The scanner will scan the content of the configured directory and for each found properties file (files with .properties or .cfg extension) will be considered as a configuration. [...]"
which is not true, it looks only for .properties files
Moreover it also states:
" [...] The file name without extension will be used as pid. If the scanned directory contains directories then each directory will be considerd as containing factory configurations where directory name is the factory pid and each property file contained in that directory is considered a factory configuration with the pid equal ith file name without extension. [...]"
which is false again. In fact, in case of service factories the user has to create a file name
which contains the following mandatory properties<service_ factory_pid>
instances=<the number of instances to create>
keys=<the set of keys to configure for each instances>
<key>.<n>=<value for property "key" of the instance "n">

Actually, I think that the behavior described in the documentation would even more nice to have, is it in the trunk version?




Achim Nierbeck
August 12, 2013, 1:29 PM

this is a pretty old version of the wiki, and it says on that page it's a "scratch pad" version.
So I guess what you are refering to never's been developed.
You might be interested to see that if you use the felix file-installer you can use cfg files for
configuring the ConfigAdmin Service to provide Configurations for your services.


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Stefano Lenzi



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