Chronos Domain Model Use Cases


1. Account Use Cases

1.1 The system deals with Accounts
1.2 Account corresponds to a Customer, consultancy firm or other entity
1.3 Account has one or more standard Rate Schedules
1.4 Account can have one or more Rate Schedules per customer Account
1.5 Account has one or more Users

2. User Use Cases

2.1 The User has Name, Title, Started (optional), Ended (optional), Salary (optional), Base Rate(optional)
2.2 Same User can belong to more than Account
2.3 User has one or more Roles
2.4 The Roles of a User is assigned per Account
2.5 User authentication and role management in LDAP server
2.6 User is assigned a Project Role when placed in a Project
2.7 User can be working on many Projects at the same time
2.8 User can be assigned an individual Rate for a Project
2.9 User can start/stop WorkPerformed on a Project
2.10 User can manually modify WorkPerformed on a Project

3. Project Use Cases

3.1 The system handles Projects
3.2 Project has a Project Owner, which is a standard Role
3.3 Project has Name, Customer Account, Vendor Account, Started, Finished, Estimated Finish, Estimated Time Required, Time Spent, Rate Schedule

4. Rate Schedule Use Cases

4.1 Rate Schedule is a table of Project Role vs Rate
4.2 Rate Schedule assigned to a Project is a modifiable copy of the standard Rate Schedule

5. Operation Use Cases

5.1 Operation is something the application want to perform
5.2 Operations that a Role allowed to do is assigned per Account




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